Wall Panels

Custom Wall Panels built to your plans.
Wall panels are pre-built walls. Each wall panel is custom made for each building. They are produced in a similar way as normal stick building, but they offer a substantial list of advantages that result in a faster and more efficient building process. The final result is a higher quality building with less waste and lower costs!
The Advantages of Using Wall Panels:

  • Each component is designed specifically for your building.
  • Each component location is defined, with placement plans generated, picking up all bearing locations and showing correct locations, for easy setting. Wall panels are marked accordingly, making components easy to use on site.
  • Engineering with component software makes craftsmanship easy and gives you design flexibility.
  • Components are rarely stolen from the jobsite.
  • Wall lumber use can be optimized, with studs designed at optimum spacing for the applied roof and floor truss loads. Generally, less lumber is required.
  • High quality materials are chosen according to your specifications and budget.
  • Walls are square.
  • Proper nailing patterns are used.
  • Studs and headers are designed to support applied loads.
  • Sheathing is applied in the factory, saving time on site.

Wall PanelsWall Panels



These are pictures of a home constructed in New Zealand with wall panels produced in Athens, TN.