Hiwassee Builders Partners with MiTek

Hiwassee Builders Partners with MiTek


Partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry is imperative to our work at Hiwassee Builders, and that’s why we work with MiTek. Their company exists to bring better building solutions to the table, on and off the job site, and their software, engineered products, and automation help our team ensure efficient building solutions across the board. Their innovative tools help us approach our jobs with more precision everyday.


History of MiTek

Founded in 1955 and a Berkshire Hathaway company since 2001, MiTek has a track record for ongoing growth and successful solutions for its customers for more than 60 years, across 6 continents, and in an impressive 95 countries. It all began when engineer John “Cal” Jureit invented and patented the Gang-Nail connector, the first ever punch-tooth metal connector plate for wood trusses that did not require nails for fastening.

Over the years, MiTek has continually expanded their offerings and helped move the industry toward increasingly viable on-site construction opportunities that result in higher quality builds, increased speed, and less resources and waste overall.

From Connectors to Software

Since safety, compliance, and efficiency are key, MiTek’s products are optimized to provide just all that and more. With a portfolio of more than 4,000 different products, they’re paving the way for higher quality construction that’s also faster and more affordable than that of the past. At Hiwassee Builders, MiTek Structure brings high-tech speed and precision to the complex design and fabrication processes that lead to a varied array of truss and panel options for our customers.

MiTek at Hiwassee Builders

Our team relies on products and programs from MiTek so that we can show up for our customers in every way possible. 
From a simple connector piece to highly-technical digital tools, their ultra intelligent processes and offerings help us unlock value and profit in every project that comes our way.

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