Hiwassee Builders Partners with Weyerhaeuser

Hiwassee Builders Partners with Weyerhaeuser


“This is not for us, nor for our children,
 but for our grandchildren.”

–Frederick Weyerhaeuser

At Hiwassee Builders, we’re proud of our partnerships, and we take an only-the-best approach when selecting brands to carry. Weyerhaeuser is one of those brands. For more than a hundred years, this manufacturer has been growing trees and making forest products that elevate the work we all do as contractors and builders. Weyerhaeuser manages millions of acres of forests continuously and sustainably.


History of Weyerhaeuser

Founded in 1900, by Frederick Weyerhaeuser, the company began with 900,000 acres of timberland, only three employees, and a small office located in Tacoma, Washington. Since that humble start, Weyerhaeuser has grown into one of the largest sustainable forest products companies in the whole world. Their rich history spans an entire century.

In 1917, spruce from Weyerhaeuser forests was used to build airplanes for World War I, and other lumber was used to construct wooden ships and army barracks. The Army even turned soldiers into loggers and helped the company ramp up production of lumber in preparation for the war.


Weyerhaeuser has always prioritized sustainability efforts, something our team at Hiwassee can get behind. Not only do 
their working forests provide a sustainable supply of wood for homes and countless products we all depend on every day, 
but also they support wildlife habitat and biodiversity. They also provide clean air and water and opportunities for renewable energy development.

Weyerhaeuser at Hiwassee Builders

You can find Weyerhaeurser lumber and products for your next building project right here with us. Let our team help you find the perfect products for the project that comes your way.

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